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June 2013




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February 2013

On February 19, 2013, TB Service Ltd organized a pharmaceutical symposium focusing on the production technology and equipment of IMA Active. The symposium took place at Tbilisi Radisson hotel with the participation of all large pharmaceutical producers of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The symposium was devoted to the solid dose processing. Alan Relf, managing director of IMA EST Vienna, opened the symposium with discussion about the activities and innovations at IMA Pharma. After that report specialists continued acquaintance with new developments of the company: Carlo Tenore, Product Manager IMA Active Bologna, presented on the following handling and granulation technologies:

      . Roto Mix high shear mixers - used to perform wet granulation processes, combining active products and excipients by adding a binder solution.;
      . Aria fluid bed equipment, which allows different type of processes: drying, granulating (top spray) and coating (bottom spray), while guaranteeing flexibility of batch size processing in the same equipment;
      . Ghibli modular fluid bed to perform drying, granulation, agglomeration, instantizing, coating, layering and spheronisation.

Daniele Molinari, product manager IMA Active Bologna provided discussions on multi-purpose coating equipment: 

      . GS- Solid wall pans and Perfima - perforated coating pan for tablet film and sugar coating. Fabriano Ferrini, Product Manager IMA ACTIVE Bologna, presented participants with following capsule filling and banding machines:
      .  Zanasi - for small and medium production Capsule fillers;
      .  Adapta - Hige production extremely innovative capsule filling machine able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, microtablets and liquids into hard gelatin capsules;
      .  Hermetica - capsule banding machine for tamper evident sealing of capsules filled with liquids, but also with powders or other products.

     Wolfgang Klauke, Product Manager IMA KILIAN Cologne, representing German manufacturer Kilian, one of world’s leading and innovative manufacturers of tablet press machines, showed tablet press - S250 Smart, which has been developed to enhance the concept of flexibility and automation of the proven tablet press. In closing remarks, Alan Relf and Gocha Davlianidze, Gen. Manager TB Service Ltd, summarized the results of the symposium and invited participants to ask questions. The discussion was intense and rewarding. At the end of the event, participants said that the symposium provided an opportunity to get a lot of relevant information and a new perspective on the situation and prospects.








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