Tubes, Jars, Bottles
Aluminium tubes
The aluminium tube is airtight - Its excellent sealing qualities protect the product from light, moisture, gases and bacteria. Practical - Aluminium tubes are unbreakable, clean, lightweight, and small. Valuable substances are dispensed sparingly and hygienically. Safe from counterfeiting - It’s difficult to fake holograms, micro-colour codes, laser markings, and RFIDs. All of these can be incorporated into an aluminium tube.

Flexible plastic tubes
All things that aid health and beauty belong in flexible plastic tubes.  Plastic makes an ideal casing for cosmetic, chemical and some pharmaceutical products.  The range of possibilities is further extended by the use of coloured or highly transparent plastics.

Plastic jars, bottles
HDPE Bottles, PETG/PCTG/PVC Bottles, PET Bottles, Jars, Caps/Closures, Dispensing Components, plastic bottles - 



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