Leboratory Furniture System

WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG is a company of the WALDNER Group, which employs approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. We have developed and produced laboratory furniture for all applications in Wangen im Allgäu for more than 60 years.

Our laboratory furniture system SCALA is based on a modular principle. Depending on the situation and requirements, it can lead to completely new layout solutions or supplement existing furniture. The consistent adherence to an ingenious size grid for the basic components provides a maximum of design possibilities in every functional area of the laboratory.

However, we are not only furnishing your laboratory but we are also taking on the planning of your laboratory by request. We are, of course, providing suitable accessories for your laboratory, and our service technicians will visit your laboratory facility in regular intervals for inspection and maintenance works.

“Act instead of react” has always been our maxim. Many of our innovations and developments are regarded worldwide as the benchmark and have significantly influenced the workplace in the laboratory.

Reference Projects

SCALA - Lab of the future

The new design of our laboratory furniture programme SCALA will be shaping the laboratory of the future. SCALA can easily be adapted to ever new situations in a room due its flexible functional units. With our laboratory furniture SCALA we are providing an innovative, fully developed technology: be it with our laboratory workbenches, our laboratory cabinets, the service modules – first and foremost our service ceiling – or our laboratory fume cupboardsRead More >>

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For our SCALA laboratory furniture system, we have designed useful accessories.

Their system compliance, flexibility and sophisticated design make the movable sliding elements "Sekretaer", "Assistent" and "Protector" space-saving and extremely useful helpers at the workplace. Read More >>


Fume cupboards for more safety.



All laboratory work during which gases, fumes, particles or liquids are handled in dangerous quantities and concentrations must be performed in fume cupboards.

Reduced energy consumption – increased profitability
Our bench mounted fume cupboards with side installation which are tested in accordance with EN 14175, e.g., use 350 m³/h/lfm, all bench mounted fume cupboards with Secuflow technology require 270 m³/h/lfm.

Safety through the intake airflow profile on the front edge of the fume cupboard worktop
It prevents turbulence that could carry pollutant emissions.

Largest possible access area
The slender, patented side posts of our fume cupboards offer an increased nominal width of the internal workspace and due to their special shape ensure that there is little turbulence in the intake air. Read More >>


School furniture - Multi-functional classrooms



With SCALA school furniture system we provide the ideal basis for successful learning. Due to the large number of possible configurations our modular concept enables to design multi-functional classrooms and to fully utilise their capacities.

SCALA can be used for seven subjects because of its modular structure: chemistry, physics, biology, telematics/information technology, technology, domestic science and general teaching – or a combination of various subjects. Read More >>

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